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the proper magnetic separator for different process requirements. Beginning with a magnet material overview, How to Choose and Use Magnetic Separators covers various types of materials being processed, numerous magnetic separation techniques, application considerations and a wide variety of magnetic separation equipment currently available. Did ...

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Dry Low Intensity Magnetic Separators (DLIMS) $51,948.00 - 99,282.00. Description; ... All DF Separator models require a feed with certain common characteristics. The magnetic fraction to be separated must be ferromagnetic and dry, and the feed size should be –1" (–25 mm). Selectivity increases when the products to be separated are within ...

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How to Choose & Use Metal Separators By John Collins, Eriez Magnetics In plastics and other industries, ferrous metal contamination can damage process equip - ment and create impure product that must be scrapped or sold at less than full value. This metallic contamination may come from a variety of sources. Incoming products may con -

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influencing magnetic separation, the magnetic field configuration is indisputably the foremost variable for high levels of magnetite recovery. Eriez designs the appropriate magnetic circuit for any given application using finite element analysis modeling techniques. All stainless steel construction provides excellent wear characteristics.

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Conventional Magnetic Separator: An Eriez conventional high gradient magnetic separator (HGMS), model EL 20-4, with a 0.058 m canister diameter and a total volume of 1030 cm³ was used. The matrix was a fine grade stainless steel wool. The canister was packed to a 6 percent density with the matrix. The tests followed the recommended Eriez procedures.

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MAGNETIC SEPARATOR. Telescopic magnetic separator is suitable for a separation of metal magnetic impurities from loose materials characterized by good bulk parameters. As the main magnetic separator part, so called magnetic telescopic grates (finger magnets) are included; they are capable of catching all metal impurities.

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Through a wide variety of food grade and sanitary magnetic separator designs, PPS is able to properly outfit your level of sanitation, installation location, cleanability requirements, and design features required for success. By considering characteristics particular to your system, we will help select a magnetic separator based on:

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TurboGrate™ Magnetic Separator for Difficult Materials. Our newly redesigned TurboGrate™ Magnetic Separator removes ferrous metals from powder and granular materials with even the most difficult flow characteristics. It is specifically designed for gravity free-fall applications.

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The removal of phosphate from wastewater using a combination of open gradient superconducting magnetic separation (OGMS) and high gradient superconducting magnetic separation (HGMS) was investigated. The magnetic seeding material used was Fe 3 O 4, and a novel composite inorganic coagulant was added to combine the phosphate with the magnetic ...

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Magnetic Filtration - Protects your machines with our industrial magnetic separation systems and eliminates metal particles in manufacturing. Ask now. Magnetic Filtration - Protects your machines with our industrial magnetic separation systems and eliminates metal particles in manufacturing. ... CHARACTERISTICS. Magnetic filtration systems are ...


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Find out all of the information about the Zero Gravity Filters product: magnetic separator / metal / self-cleaning MAGGIE series. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.

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Grinding, sieving and magnetic separation were combined to recover metallic iron from the converter slag, and yielded approximately 41.5% of iron in which the iron content was as high as 85%, and ...


• Coating of magnetic particle is easier, gives a more uniform solid phase and helps to minimize lot-to-lot variation. See the MAGNETIC SEPARATOR section of the TECHNICAL INFORMATION Page of the Spherotech website to see photos of several magnetic separators.

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Performance Characteristics of magnetic separator. The coarse separation of the lean iron ore after coarse crushing or medium crushing eliminates the barren rocks such as surrounding rock, improves the taste of the iron ore and eases the load of the next procedure.

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HIGH GRADIENT MAGNETIC SEPARATOR DLS SERIES EMI-HGMS Series High Gradient Magnetic Separator is a new product developed independently by us. It combines the characteristics of International advanced high intensity magnetic separators, which is so far the high intensity magnetic separator of best performance and most advanced technology.

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Magnetic separators are manufactured on 6 magnetic induction and tear-off force levels. We state both of the parameters as measured on both the magnetic core and stainless steel pipe surface. Stainless steel pipe functions as a magnet protection against damaging; the element is in a contact with the material separated.

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Magnetic Separator is also names wet magnetic separator,magnetic drum separator,China magnetic separator or magnetic separator machine.Magnetic separator is a kind of equipment that separate magnetic metals from other impurities according to the magnetic characteristics of the metal materials.

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CHARACTERISTICS Magnetic separators removes most of ferrous particles from coolant liquid. The coolant passes through magnetic discs, mounted upon a rotating drum, which separates contaminating particles. Then, thanks to special scraper combs, ferrous swarf are discharged into apposite bins.

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We make use of three types of magnetic separators, each with its own specific characteristics and applications: Magnet separators with plate or block magnets (suspension magnets) have a deeply penetrating magnetic field for capturing ferromagnetic metal particles as small as 1 mm. Plate magnets, chute magnets and external pole magnets are used in pipeline transport (inline magnetic separators).

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Dynabeads technology for magnetic bead separation. Magnetic particles (Figure 1) from alternative suppliers often have a random size range and surface area that could compromise the reproducibility of your results.The tightly controlled Dynabeads production processes give uniform spherical beads, with highly defined and consistent product characteristics.

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CGB rotary magnetic separator. Fast open design structure, easy to clean and install.The maximum magnetic field can reach 12000 GS.The number of magnetic rods can be adjusted according to material characteristics.Rotating magnetic rods can prevent material from clogging.

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Selecting the proper magnetic separator requires an understanding of magnetic properties, product characteristics and the specific environmental factors in each food processing plant. Magnetic separators are available in a wide range of designs, including: bar, plate, grate, liquid line trap, pneumatic line and suspended.

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These may only be present sporadically, because they disrupt the magnetic field, which is detrimental to the separation of weakly magnetic metal particles. Therefore a 9000 gauss drum magnet is usually placed at the end of a processing step (preceded by other separators). Characteristics of these types:


Ph ysical Separation Division Operating Manual MIH(13)111-5 Revision 03-2 Page 5 3.0 SPECIFICATIONS Carpco Model MIH(13)111-5 Laboratory High-Intensity Induced-Roll Magnetic Separator is a top-fed laboratory/pilot-plant dry high-intensity electromagnetic separator designed to separate paramagnetic (weakly magnetic) materials from

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CGB rotary magnetic separator. Fast open design structure, easy to clean and install. The maximum magnetic field can reach 12 000 GS. The number of magnetic rods can be adjusted according to material characteristics. Rotating magnetic rods can prevent material from clogging.

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Pipeline iron separator performance characteristics. Pipeline iron separators are mainly divided into three categories: pipe-type permanent magnet automatic iron remover, pipe-type manual iron-unloading permanent magnet separator, liquid or slurry pipeline separator.